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Living Wisdom is here to support you in living a
life of vibrancy, joy & fulfillment.

Our personalized coaching, immersions and living library of
courses & practices will empower you to experience
more aliveness, connection & clarity!


Manifest your Dreams & Visions with Ease

This FREE 11 minute practice sets you up for creating miracles for your health, physical body, relationships and work using breathwork, movement and visualization. 

Quantum physics shows that when you combine an expanded emotional state of elevated emotions like love and gratitude (a magnetic energy) with focused thought and visions (an electrical energy) that you can create anything, even shift your DNA.


Courses & Guided Practices

Explore practices of breathwork, meditation, yoga, dance, singing, sounding, bioenergetic shaking and priming to help you feel vibrant, full of life force, confident, connected, empowered & healthy.


You can dive deeper with transformational courses with specific themes like longevity, bringing more pleasure into your life or liberating yourself from the past through shifting limiting beliefs.

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One On One Mentoring & Coaching

I will create a personalized sacred container for you to experience a profound homecoming into who you truly are.  


Let me take your hand and support you in stepping into a deeper sense of freedom and fulfillment!


Keys to Longevity

Everyone keeps asking how I seem to get younger as each year goes by. For over 20 years I have been living a conscious healthy lifestyle and have a well of wisdom to share.


This masterclass will give you the codes to embodying youthful radiance from the inside out. Not only will you receive biohacking tools & practices for your physical body, we will also dive into mindset, clearing subconscious beliefs and and things from the past to shift your frequency so you feel lighter, freer with more vitality and life force than ever before. 

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Integration Programs 

Integration of transformational experiences, particularly plant medicine and psychedelics is of upmost importance. Coming soon is a comprehensive program for integration to help navigate challenges, integrate lessons and embody the expanded awareness of your deeper truth.


You can choose your own adventure with deep dives into topics like embracing the unknown, ancestral healing and self love.

The program will include practical support as well as rituals, meditations, breathwork and embodiment practices.


I'm here to help you see through the lens of infinite possibility! I've created a life beyond my wildest dreams and it is my greatest joy to share with you how you can too. 

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Hi, I'm Ixchel

I’m a community builder, spiritual midwife, entrepreneur, coach, earth mama, retreat facilitator, embodiment guru and eternal optimist who is passionate about human potential.

It is my greatest joy to support you to live a life of liberation & fulfillment.  I'm here to help you see through the lens of infinite possibility! Read more

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"Working with Ixchel through private ceremonies and integration has been the most profound journey of my life. She created the safest sanctuary I’ve ever known, guided me to embrace fear with grace, allowing me to listen deeply to my inner wisdom.

The integration mentorship program we did helped me find clarity and confidence to finally launch a project that had long been my calling. Today, it flourishes, and I live the life I’ve always envisioned for myself.”

– Emilia Ferreira


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